Kayla and Thomas

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How We Met

Thomas and I met at work. We both work in a hospital, and the first day I saw him, I thought he was so cute! He walked up next to me wearing sunglasses during the day, so I gave him a hard time about it. “Oh, you think you’re cool because you’re wearing sunglasses inside!” He laughed and said, “No, these are prescription glasses…” I felt so embarrassed after that, but he continued to come in and talk to me!

After a month of just hi, bye, and flirting here and there, it was my birthday. My dad came to see me with lunch and Sprinkles cupcakes! While my dad and I were talking, Thomas walked up making conversation with me. After he left, my dad then said to me, “I like him, and he likes you, because no guy just comes up and talks to you while you’re with another one.” So I responded, “But you’re my dad!” and he said, “He doesn’t know that!” Later that day, I took Thomas a Sprinkles cupcake, and we continued to talk… Then text… We have now been together for almost four years.

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how they asked

On October 1st, Thomas took me to Downtown Disney to kill some time while his plan fell together. After we walked around and got a sketch done of us, we left. When we got into the car he said to me, “I have a surprise for you! It’s about 5 minutes away.” Once we got there, it was the Hilton Hotel! In our room waiting for me were three gift boxes with two outfits to choose from and a pair of heels! I couldn’t understand why he was doing this when my birthday wasn’t for a month away and our anniversary was two months away. Thomas had always been spontaneous, so I wasn’t too surprised with the way he was acting.

After we got ready, I asked him, “Aren’t we too dressed up for Joe’s Crab Shack?” He told me, “Maybe we’ll end up somewhere else.” He had mentioned the Orange Hill restaurant to me before, but I was surprised when we ended up there. It was so beautiful with a cliffside view! Thomas had reserved us a table outside with a beautiful view on a fire pit. We ate and talked, and after an hour being there, he started to explain everything to me. There was supposed to be a really big distraction of a guy with a drone holding up a sign so that he could do something. He then got on one knee, and I asked, “Are you serious?” He then asked me, “Will you marry me?”

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I cried because it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. His best friend Josh and Josh’s sister Rebecca were there taking pictures of the whole thing, my reaction, and even us afterwards. The waiter came out with cupcakes from Sprinkles saying “She said yes” along with champagne that the restaurant provided to celebrate our engagement. I later found out that Thomas and Josh planned the perfect engagement in two short weeks with a lot of secret texting and meet-ups to make me the happiest girl ever.

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Special Thanks

Josh everhart
 | photographer
Rebecca moreno
 | His partner in crime