Kayla and Steven

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How We Met

Steve and I met on the very first day of class in college. We had to do this goofy ice breaker game to get to know everyone in the class and we had to hold hands!!! I thought he was so cute and was very nervous. He told me my hands were clammy and I laughed. I asked if he and his friends wanted to get lunch that day and we became instant best friends. It took a few years, nudging from some friends and family, and Steven transferring to a different school for us to realize how we really felt about each other. The rest is history!

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How They Asked

We had been dating for almost 9 years and the last few years we kept talking about marriage. We would ask ourselves “are we ready yet?” and the answer had always been no. Our friends were getting married and we didn’t want to step on anyone else’s plans. We didn’t have a house yet, financials, etc. it just wasn’t the right time – until all of a sudden it was!

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The last time we had the discussion about marriage we were like “what the hell!? What are we waiting for!?” So we started getting excited and daydreaming about our day in the future. We drove to the Poconos to visit this beautiful farm we were considering hosting our ceremony at and fell in love with the property.

Image 2 of Kayla and Steven

As soon as I said “this is it, I can picture the arch here, the walkway here” Steven got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!!!! He wanted me to get engaged in the exact spot we would say our vows and I couldn’t have planned it better. One of the best parts about this whole thing is that he had been scheming with my mom and his mom for a few weeks. He had my mom’s diamond turned into a new ring for me and it is so perfect! The whole thing was imperfectly perfect and so us! 9 years and a whole lot in between and now we are getting married!

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Special Thanks

 | Owner of the farm