Kayla and Seth

Seth and I first met when I was sixteen, and he was seventeen. We were inseparable from there on out. Quickly, Seth became someone who was my absolute best friend. We began to imagine our future together, and could not imagine life any other way, than spending it together for the rest of our lives. On March 4, 2015 Seth planned a weekend trip to our favorite location up north, Lincoln New Hampshire. While there, I had no idea that my life was going to change forever. We ate dinner at our favorite restaurant, and headed to see the Ice Castles shortly after. As we walked around the castles, I was amazed at how beautiful they were, and loved being a part of the experience with Seth. To my surprise, as I looked to my side I noticed Seth getting down on one knee. Where he delicately grabbed my hand, and spoke the sweetest of words, right from his heart. When I heard him say, “Kayla, will you please spend forever with me, and marry me?” My eyes just filled with tears, and I shouted, “yes!”

Image 1 of Kayla and Seth