Kayla and Serge

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How We Met

Serge and I first connected on a Facebook group for our college residence. It was a place to meet friends before arriving there. Serge had posted asking if anyone wanted to have ‘jam sessions’ as he plays the guitar. I privately messaged him and let him know that I would be interested because I sing and my family get together always include jam sessions. We chatted online and via video chat for 3 months before officially meeting in September of 2009. We have been together ever since.

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how they asked

We were in Banff celebrating our 7 year anniversary. On the Monday we were going to Lake Louise to see it and capture some nice photos. We had our 1.5 year old Great Dane named Flynn with us as well. Serge brought up the idea of renting one of the canoes because he had always wanted to do that and he said we could leave Flynn with a kennel. I was not totally sold on the idea because I did not want to leave Flynn.

So Serge then ran back to the car cause he forgot his ‘wallet’. When he came back he said “I talked to the people at the canoe place and they have people there who will just hold onto his leash on the dock and they have watched danes before. We will only go for 30 minutes”.

We then meet up with this guy and girl and hand them the leash. As we were waiting in line I kept my eyes on Flynn as he is a big part of our lives and I was making sure he was okay.

We finally get into the canoes and out into the water and Serge was getting some pictures and then he said “okay we can just do a loop around”. At this point we are not too far from shore and can see Flynn so I am distracted calling him. Serge asks me to turn around so he can get a better picture and I refused because I didn’t want to tip the canoe. Serge started his speech and immediately I knew what was going to happen so I started to turn around (almost loosing my shoe in the water I may add). After I said Yes. Serge then explained that this was all planned and the girl was a hired photographer who captured the entire thing. I also found out that the wooden ring box was handmade by Serge.

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We got back to shore and had some photos taken that included Flynn which was so important for me and I am so happy our dog was able to take part in this important moment in our lives.

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