Kayla and Sam

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How We Met

I planned to go to a rock festival (warped tour) with my cousin. We met at his house and when I arrived I met his best friend. He was the most perfect human I have ever met, so respectful and down to earth. I couldn’t help but blush. The picture below is us. He’s the one taking it, and I’m in a sun hat.

how they asked

It started when my cousin invited me to tag along at Vans Warped tour with him and his two best friends. I didn’t know, but at that moment I met my future husband. Fast forward a year later and a simple joke led to so much more. We hit it off and instantly fell in love. I had waited months for a ring and got a little antsy. I was an actress at a small town college and he decided to attend my first show. I knew in my heart that was the night. He took me and my service dog, Dan to a small gazebo lit up with blue Christmas lights. Out of his pocket he grabbed a small collar with a heart shaped tag and a ring. I began to read “can Sam be my dad” I flipped it over as emotions ran through my body.

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As I read ”will you marry me?” he got down on one knee. I looked over to see my best friend taking pictures as I just nodded profusely. This was the best day of my life.

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Special Thanks

Tailer Chong
 | He did everything