Kayla and Ryan

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How We Met

Ryan and I met in 2012 while both marching DCI-spirit of Atlanta. During the last week of their spring training (right before the summer tour started) I got a message from Ryan, and the rest was history. Ryan was very persistent, and by the end of the summer we best friends in love. Long distance relationships are extremely difficult-especially being so young, but even after a lot of hard times, long flights back and forth from Mississippi to Virginia, not knowing if it would actually work, we managed to make it happen until I decided to give it a real chance and moved to Virginia in 2016!

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how they asked

On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17, 2018) while in Mississippi, Ryan asked me to marry him! It was a very long emotional conversation into him surprising himself and proposing! He said the moment was just right and he couldn’t wait any longer. He had bought the ring but didn’t have it on vacation and finally saw it when we returned home to Virginia. We were so excited to tell all of our friends and family! I cant wait to be Mrs. Ryan Tharp!

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