Kayla and Rob

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How We Met

We started dating at 14 years old when we were only in middle school and stayed together for 2 and a half years. Throughout the next couple of years after we broke up both of us felt that no matter what, we needed to be in each other’s lives. Whether it be together or as friends, we couldn’t stand to lose everything we had. When we started seeing other people, we would look to each other for advice and support.

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We helped each other through fights, breakups, and any difficulties we had in our lives. It wasn’t until our senior year of high school that we both realized that what we wanted all along was to be together. Being apart was tough but it was the best and strongest thing possible for our relationship. Now at the age of 22, we both graduated from the same high school, the same university, adopted two perfect puppies, and are happily engaged.

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how they asked

In July 2016, I lost one of the most important women in my life, my nana, to cancer. I had always imagined her being there for my college graduation and wedding which broke my heart to know that it would never happen. It had been extremely hard on me and the rest of my family. We took a trip to Cancun, Mexico to get away around the 1 year anniversary of her death. On this trip, little did I know that my boyfriend had been carrying a ring in the waistband of his underwear through the whole trip to Mexico terrified to let it out of his sight.

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The first night there he was too anxious to get the ring out of his pocket and onto my finger that he was giving away hints. He had picked out a nice dress for me and offered to take pictures with me on the beach, which if you knew him would be something I would usually have to beg him to do. Having my suspicions I casually brushed his pockets, having the feeling he might propose. Being a person who hates surprises, it was giving me anxiety not knowing what was going on. Not feeling anything I put it off and went down to the beach.

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After I thought we had finished pictures, he popped down on one knee. He told me that there was nothing he wished more than for me to have my nana here with me, but to know that she’s standing right there next to the rest of my family watching as he asked me to marry him.

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