Kayla and Owen

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How We Met

Owen and I met in Ann Arbor, MI working for Google. A colleague of mine had a wine and cheese party one fateful fall evening – we struck up a conversation and it’s been history ever since (well..coupled with the usual hurdles of dating co-workers, the rollercoaster that is dating — one move to Chicago and adoption of a Beabull, now, here we are, 3 years later, approaching our ‘mini-mony’ on October 24.

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Originally we were supposed to wed this coming New Year’s Eve 2020 but decided to postpone for a wedding sequel next year (NYE 2021) when we can safely celebrate with our friends and family. In two weeks, we’ll legally say ‘I do’ in Owen’s parents’ front yard on Lake Millecoquins in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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How They Asked

Owen and I had a running joke that I had ‘stipulations’ for his marriage proposal (Owen would commonly joke and surprise get on one knee at the oddest of locations.. gas station, random garage, neighborhood dumpster..you get the picture). So – I had a running list of what would make the “perfect” proposal – flowers, a body of water..at one point I even told him a marching band.

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Well – as fate would have it – while we were on a spring break trip to the Netherlands, we visited the Keukenhof tulip garden for a day trip. As we approached a beautiful fountain found in the center of the sprawlings fields, a marching band began their ascent across the paths of flowers. Owen could not believe his luck. A stranger snapped a photo and video of our proposal – I was happy then shocked then filled with emotional joy. I can’t wait to marry Owen this October..and then again in December of 2021.

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This year has been filled with change and pivots and shifting the way we do life. One thing that has remained constant, however, has been my gratefulness for Owen. Love truly can carry us through anything.

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