Kayla and Nicoles

Kayla's Proposal in Comanche Trails Park
We’ve known each other for a while, he would go to my cousins birthday parties and we’d see each other every now and then, little did we know we’d be “the one” for each other. Thank goodness for social media, that is how we found each other again. He made a “wife” list and searched for the one who did everything and was everything that pertained to his list. When we found each other he tested me to see if it was me that matched his list, of course it was! He made the proposal such a secret and did it very well. He had scheduled a photographer for “Christmas family shoots” with him, my daughter, and I. Little did I know this was it, the proposal. He took my daughter back to the car to “grab something”, and coming back he brought our family with him. He gave the ring to my daughter to give to me and then got down on his knee. We didn’t have a “Paris” proposal or a fancy one at that. But he did everything possible to make it the best proposal ever and I’d say he succeeded! He included my daughter, and made sure all our family was there to witness it. But also had a photographer to capture our special moment. It was more than perfect!

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