Kayla and Nicholas

How We Met

Nicholas and I both attended Baylor University in Waco, TX. As fate would have it, we both took the same on-campus job. Cliche – he was my supervisor and totally into me. I, however, was not interested in his affection. In fact, I would always act like I was taking a call to avoid conversation with him during my shift. Luckily, I was terrible at French and Nicholas was great at it (or so he acted). After learning that he spoke French I solicited his help with my studies. That is where our first conversations started and quickly blossomed into something so much more. The Spring before Nick graduated I was in desperate need for a ride from the airport back to campus, of course I asked Nick and we was overjoyed to come and get me. Now, that’s really where our love began to grow. After our hour and a half ride from Dallas to Waco we pulled onto campus and I stepped out of the car to go into my dorm – the moment I shut the door I realized that I was head over heels in love with that guy. Even so, everything stayed the same and we just spoke as friends, dating other people but knowing I was meant for him. Finally, I broke down and realized I couldn’t resist the feeling any longer. Especially because he had graduated, had a great job and was so independent. There was nothing not to love about him. On the day after Valentines day Nick made the drive from Austin (where he lived) to Waco (I was still in school) and I prepared a romantic dinner at my cozy little apartment. At the end of dinner I finally asked Nick to be my boyfriend – by way of a cheesy poem. That choice changed my dreams and plans for the better and we have been inseparable ever since. I can’t believe it took me so long to commit to him! I’m sure he feels it was worth the wait ;)

how they asked

I always wondered what my engagement would be like, I even had it planned out. I’m thrilled to say my reality was even better than what I had dreamt! Nicholas proposed by way of Scavenger Hunt around Austin, Texas. The hunt started early on Saturday morning – I woke up to find a beautiful wax stamped envelope, roses and balloons with instructions on how to proceed. Nick first sent me to our favorite brunch cafe where I was to enjoy breakfast and pick up the next clue. After picking up that clue I headed over to a chic spa to be pampered, only to find my girlfriend from Houston waiting inside! After we enjoyed a manicure I was on my way to pick up a clue from our sweet pup, Charlie. I arrived to a place called The Dog House Drinkery and was greeted by two of our best friends and mimosas! At every location I had time to reminisce, take pictures and enjoy the location. The day continued on, I had SO MANY fun clues and memories along the way. One of my favorite clues was being sent to meet at our favorite Tex-Mex Restaurant, Mesa Rosa. I was able to enjoy Margaritas and Tacos with my momma. I’m so grateful that everyone I love was a part of this special day. The final clue was picked up at our Humble Abode and allowed me time to get ready and make my way to “A Sunset You Will Never Forget.” I made my way out to the lake, driving through the Hill Country and feeling like I was on cloud 9. Sunset has always been my favorite time of day, partially because the first time we confessed our love to one another it was during a sunset drive. The hand drawn map lead me to a pathway of rose petals and I then saw my love standing in the midst of a breathtaking view. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him.

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