Kayla and Nathan

Image 1 of Kayla and Nathan

How We Met

We are both from Topeka, KS and have a ton of mutual friends. We met in February of 2014 at one of his shows his band was playing because I was with my friends and those friends were also his friends. I made one of my friends introduce us because I thought he was cute and the rest is history.

how they asked

Never have I met a more thoughtful guy than Nate. Nate had been planning our proposal for months and had his best friend Emma York, who is a professional photographer, set up a photo shoot for her to “tap into the Kansas City market to put up on her website”.

Image 2 of Kayla and Nathan

Little did I know these photos were our engagement photos which led up to his proposal.

Image 3 of Kayla and Nathan

Image 4 of Kayla and Nathan

Image 5 of Kayla and Nathan

Special Thanks

Emma York
 | photography