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How We Met

Mitchell and I taught at the same school last year. He is the basketball coach and I was the dance team director. All of my students tried since the beginning of the school year to get us together. He was married and I am divorced so that was my reasoning to hush my girls up. Little did I know at the time, he was separated and going through a divorce as well. After the Christmas holidays, I was on lunch duty and he always just happened to be in the hall “running errands” the same time I had lunch duty. We got to talking one day and he opened up and told me about his divorce. We ended that conversation with a high five for both being divorced.

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The following week, my dancers had a performance at an elementary school. When we got back to school, I emailed all the staff to let them know the girls would be heading back to class shortly. Not 5 minutes after sending the email, Mitchell emails me back. We email back and forth and exchange numbers. Last year, I danced for a professional hockey team. We were in the play-offs at time. After Mitchell and I exchanged numbers, I invited him to a game with some friends. I was crazy into him, but knew he had a lot going on so I figured this would be at least something fun for all of us to do. After that game, we went on a date and talked all night long. The rest is history.

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how they asked

We have been looking forward to our trip to Mexico for months! The past couple of months, we’ve had some major expenses. I bought a new car, we bought a house, etc. We talked about setting a budget once we got back into town and start saving for a ring and wedding. We decided to have a nice beach dinner and take some nice pictures the first night just in case we got too sun-burnt or too much to drink! Saturday morning, we went and worked out at the gym then went to set up our excursions and dinner for each night. I ran back to the room to get the money to pay while he set everything up. Afterwards, we went straight to the pool! (Hello swim-up bar!) After we relaxed there for a while, we went down to the beach and got in the water. We got back on the topic of setting a budget and go look at rings. We decided to go in and get ready for dinner.

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We went down to the Chill Out Bar for our dinner on the beach. He kept looking around for the photographer and couldn’t relax. I didn’t think anything of it since I knew we were taking pictures. When he finally saw him, he went and told him his plan. We start taking pictures at our table and then all around the beach/restaurant. I could tell Mitchell was getting annoyed. I told him to just relax and have fun. The guy was just doing his job. Little did I know, our photographer was wasting time so the lighting would be perfect.

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He takes us over to a little deck and tells Mitchell to get on his knee and for me to hug him from the back. (That was his cue to propose). I look at Mitchell and wait for him to get down. At that moment, he begins with his speech. I still didn’t click for a second what was happening. When I did, I began saying ‘uh huh, uh huh!’ As he drops down to his knee, I start bawling my eyes out. As we hug, he goes ‘you still haven’t said yes..’ I just bust out laughing and say oh my goodness yes! He did so good!! I was so surprised!

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