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How We Met

8700DE2B-2146-4DC9-9B2B-B171A1F6EE23Kayla and I met as I was preaching at a service for her church. Afterward, we became good friends. We were from different states but we would see each other from time to time at different church functions never dreaming that we would start to become interested in one another. Through the process of time and prayer, we started a long distance relationship that lasted about 4 years until she finished college.

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how they asked

For Thanksgiving, I was visiting Kayla and her family. I had the entire weekend planned out and was trying to contain the biggest secret of my life. I had rented a plane ride over New Orleans where she was from. The day after Thanksgiving I told her we needed to go shopping to get some formal wear so we could take some nice holiday photos while I was in town. The next day we dress up in these nice clothes and I told her I had forgotten something and had to go out and I would be right back. I had already conspired with her mother to meet me and to bring Kayla to the mini Air Port where our flight was waiting.

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When she arrived she was so astonished that I was doing something so lavish and out of the ordinary. My response was “I told you, I wanted to take nice pictures.” She was so amazed lol. Well, to a nice 2 seated plane ride over the city that she had known all her life. As the trip concluded we gazed down to see all her family members waiting for us at the landing zone. She asked, “what are they doing here??” I played it cool and said, “I don’t know?” As we got off of the plane, I held her hands and gazed into her eyes and told her she was the most special person in the world to me and how much I truly loved her and that I couldn’t imagine my life without her. I then kneeled down and asked her to be my wife. The rest is history.

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