Kayla and Matt

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How We Met

We met on Hinge! Matt messaged me first, and I found his conversation intriguing. After a couple of days, he stopped messaging me. Known as unlucky in love, I wasn’t surprised. I actually was on a girls’ trip to California for a few days, so I wasn’t too heartbroken. The day I came back, he messaged me to ask how California was (didn’t want to bother me on my trip), and immediately asked me out to dinner on a Saturday.

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I was impressed that not only did he want to do dinner, but that it was a prime weekend night. After a six-hour dinner of tacos and watermelon margaritas, the rest was history. Fun fact- I was the first girl Matt ever took on a second date! We moved in about five months later, adopted a second dog, and bought a house. I’m forever grateful to be the girl he chose for another date.

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How They Asked

Matt and I were going on vacation to Rhode Island, during Easter vacation (he’s a teacher), and he wanted to already be engaged by then so that I was not waiting for a proposal on the trip. I had no idea that this was his plan. He knew how close my mom and I are, and he wanted her to be there as well. We were spending a few days with her before going on our trip, so he thought it was a perfect time. Easter morning, a few hours before we were going to leave, I went with my mom to pick up bagels. Little did I know, Matt was at her house perfecting everything.

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He set up a camera to record, and when I came home, he asked me to go upstairs to grab his Switch. I walked the stairs, cluelessly, to find the ring on the foot of the bed. I immediately fell to the ground crying and screaming. Matt asked me to please bring it downstairs, and he got on one knee to propose. We were both in our sweatpants, me with no makeup, and probably no shower in a day or two, and I had never felt more loved or beautiful. He has made me the happiest girl alive, and we have a love I never thought possible. He is my other half and my soulmate, and we can’t wait to spend forever together.

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