Kayla and Mason

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How We Met

Mason and I met when we were 11 years old, in 6th grade Science class at Beatrice Middle School in Beatrice, Nebraska. We made each other laugh. In high school a few years later, we started to hang out with the same group of people and became friends, though we each were in relationships with different people throughout high school. I went off to college in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and he started playing football for a school in Seward, Nebraska and we lost touch our freshman year of college.

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We hung out once or twice the following summer, but we didn’t really get back in touch until a few months later. Mason was going through a breakup after a long-term relationship, and I reached out to make sure he was okay. We started talking every day, and before we knew it we were falling for each other. Within the year, we both ended up transferring to the same school. He flew out to Pennsylvania to help me move all of my things. We took a two-day road trip back to the Midwest and have been together ever since.

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how they asked

In May of 2017, Mason and I flew out to the Bay Area in California, where my mom, stepdad, and brothers live. She and my Step-Dad are frequent Napa go-ers, so we spent a day there. The trip to the first two wineries went off without a hitch. The weather was perfect and the wine was flowing! As we were headed to lunch and the last winery, the van my parents were driving would not start. They jumped it and we made it to lunch, but after eating the van would not start again! As it turns out, the battery was completely dead. It was 8 years old and had never been changed! I was so upset. I had been hoping that Mason might propose, and it took a couple hours to get the van up and running again (AAA had to come out and replace the battery). We missed our last winery tour at Rutherford Hill Winery but did a small tasting at the bar anyway.

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Mason asked if we could tour the property afterward. We stopped for photos overlooking the valley, and Mason dropped down to one knee. I was so excited that I forgot to say yes at first!

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I immediately put the ring on my hand and kept repeating “oh my god!”, and eventually, my mom asked, “So is it a yes?” And I finally screamed out an enthusiastic “YES!”

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