Kayla and Kyle


How We Met

Kyle and I first met in Alabama during July of 2013 at our friends, Corey & Bethany’s, wedding. He was a good looking groomsmen from California and I was the “planner” bridesmaid from a small town in Alabama. (We couldn’t have been from more different worlds!) Anyways, it is safe to say that upon our first meeting it was not love at first sight and there were no ‘Drunk in Love’ remixes flowing through our heads! We did however build a quick friendship and he even escorted me down the aisle on the day of our friends wedding!


Fast forward about 2 months post wedding and I get a Facebook message from Kyle. He informs me about a great job opportunity in San Diego and after some light coaching, multiple Skype interviews, and prayers I got the job and began my journey to San Diego California.

Upon arrival to San Diego I lived with Kyle’s parents for about 2 months (I had never been to California and they were sweet enough to take me in until I got my feet on the ground… talk about great future in-laws?!) and Kyle proceeded to show me everything amazing that San Diego had to offer. After about a month of “group hangouts” that always failed and ended with us just grabbing dinner together, we officially began our 3 year long relationship!


how they asked

A little background about me is that I am a wedding planner. What this means is that I am 3 things; 1. A planner. I literally plan everything in our lives!! 2. I ask way too many questions and need to know every detail! 3. I am not easily surprised. (Or so I thought…)

The engagement technically began back in May of this year, 2016. Kyle sent me a random calendar request for a trip to Santa Barbara for the weekend of August 18th-21st. Seeing as how this was so far in advance meant that I would actually have a weekend free and be able to go on this trip! (Remember, I am a wedding and events planner so my weekends stay pretty booked up!)

Anyways, the week of our ‘Santa Barbara’ trip comes up and Kyle informs me that he would really like to do a date night on that Thursday before we head out. I, of course was very excited and couldn’t wait for the date and our trip. I had been quizzing him all week on what time we would be leaving for the train, where we were going to stay, what wineries we were going to visit, etc so an additional date night on top of our awesome Santa Barbara trip was just icing on the cake!

I arrived at Kyle’s apartment and sitting on the counter was a picnic basket packed full of my favorite dinner, homemade spaghetti! Seeing the basket and learning what was inside, I immediately knew that we were going to recreate my first birthday in San Diego and have a picnic on the beach!


We arrived in Coronado and Kyle got the great idea to go down the beach some where we had never been before, the Silver Strand! We ended up finding this great spot right next to the water that seemed to have no body else on the beach but us… it was a rare find for the summer in San Diego. He sweetly set out a blanket, chairs, and the full picnic set and we had an AMAZING dinner date with a great view. However, the night didn’t end there!

After dinner we were discussing our week, our goals, and reflecting on how far we have come as individuals and as a couple and then Kyle took my hand and asked me to stand up. I was so confused by this and not sure where we were supposed to go, so I stood and he immediately dropped to one knee, and I knew.


He continued to tell me how much he loves me and before he could even ask “Will you marry me” I said YES!



Little did I know… that the surprises weren’t over yet. After spending a while watching my new ring sparkle in the sunset and a whole lot of “OMG’s, I can’t believe you finally did it!” we headed for the airport to pick up, who I thought, were 2 of our friends coming in for a small engagement party Kyle had planned for the following night.

As we pulled up to the airport I was looking for our friends and found my parents and sister waiting for us instead! That’s right, he coordinated with my family to make sure they were here to celebrate with us from Alabama!

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After a few hours of catching up and gushing over the engagement we left my parents and headed back to his place. As I was walking into the room I was surprised all over again by a room full of my best girlfriends and guy friends from high school and college. Kyle had even arranged for my best friends to be in town from Arizona, Alabama, and Georgia! Kyle literally thought of everything!


When all was over and I asked Kyle why he planned for everyone to be in town for our engagement he simply looked at me and said, “I know you well enough by now to know that our engagement wouldn’t have been as special for you if you did not have the one’s you love surrounding you”



It is safe to say that, “I have found the one whom my soul loves” – Song of Solomon 3:4

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