Kayla and Klayton

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From the time that Klayton and I started dating 5 years ago paper lanterns have been something that we set off each year. A few months ago I found this festival that over 5,000 people attend to release lanterns into the sky. I sent the idea to Klayton and he never said anything about it. So, I just assumed he wasn’t interested. Little did I know he kept that idea in the back of his mind. A few months ago Klayton moved to Austin, Texas while I still lived in Rogers, Arkansas. After a couple weeks of planning his family and I took a mini vacation to go visit. Once we all arrived he told me he had a surprise for me in a few days. The day of the surprise I remember sitting in the car with his family trying to figure out what in the world we were doing. It didn’t hit me where we were until we were walking into the festival. We got there a couple of hours early so we had plenty time to visit and even decorate our lanterns. Finally, the sun had set and it was time to light our lanterns. I was still oblivious as to what was really going to happen. We set off the first lantern and watched it for just a moment before Klayton had our lantern ready to release. As we were holding it he kept saying “I think it’s ready to let go”. I remember telling him each time that it wasn’t. Finally he just said “let it go”. So we did just that.

As I was letting it go I turned around and my best friend was down on one knee. I immediately started crying. In true Klayton and Kayla fashion our lantern began to fall because it wasn’t ready! So I turned around to put it back in the sky and it began to float away. I turned back around, still crying, and Klayton asked! Of course I was crying so hard all I could do was nod. Once he put the ring on my finger we turned around to admire the thousands of lanterns floating above us. It was truly a scene out of the movies.

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