Kayla and Kenny

how they asked: A couple of weeks ago, I told Kenny I loved my bible so much that after we got married I wanted to put my name on the front of it.

So…he took me to the bridge (where we had our first kiss) and told me he wrote me a poem. I asked him to read it to me so he did and as he got further along in the poem…I heard him say..

“And today is the day I ask you to be my wife”.

I started crying and he got down on one knee.

He pulled my bible out and it had “Kayla Green” on it. He then opened it up (where the ribbon was holding it’s place) and read the verse that talks about loving your wife like Jesus loves the church. Around the ribbon was the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!

He asked me to me marry him…And I said YES!!!

It was a perfect night and I am so blessed!

Kayla’s dad is a Pastor (and blogger!) and recently wrote a gorgeous post on his daughter’s engagement here.