Kayla and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met about a year and a half before we became an official couple. I was born and raised in California, but at the time I was living in Texas. During one of my visits to California, an old friend invited me to go to the X-Games with him and a group of his friends. Justin was one of the friends. We all had a really good time at the games, and we all were able to hangout again the following night. Two days later, I was on a flight back to Texas. Little did I know that a little less than a year later, I would be moving back to my hometown in California. About 5 months after my move back, the same friend that invited me to the X-Games, invited me and one of my girlfriends to a weekend trip to the river for Labor Day Weekend.I had no idea that Justin would be invited to the same river trip. Funny to find out afterwards, he actually wasn’t going to go, as he was recovering from a foot surgery, but he decided at the last minute he was going to make the trip.

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I am a school teacher and I tend to want to nurture everyone. Well, that is what I did with Justin. During the entire trip, I wanted to make sure his foot was doing okay, and that it was being taken care of, which meant we spent a lot of time together. When it was time for us to leave the lake house, I made a pretty bold move (well, for me). I have never been the type to reach out to a guy or try and show interest, I am more of a recluse when it comes to that stuff. I had lost my phone in the house, and I couldn’t find it as we were getting ready to leave. I purposely asked Justin to call it for me (so I would have his number), and we were able to find it. We got back home that night, and I decided I would text him, letting him know how great of a time I had getting to know him. We went on our first date 1 week later, and were official by the end of the month! To this day, he still says it was the most expensive trip to the river he has ever taken!

how they asked

I did not think we would be getting married until 2056. Justin has a very good way of making you think something will not be happening for a very long time, only to surprise you! We both enjoy going on hikes as much as we can. We also love to go on hikes with our friends. On the day of the proposal we both had work, and had plans to go on a hike afterwards with Jess and Austin, a close married couple of ours. I sat in the back of the car with Jess, and the boys sat up front on the ride over. I didn’t even notice how fast Justin was driving, to make sure we got to the the hike before the sun went down. I was told this hike was moderate in difficulty and I would have no problem getting to the top.

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As we started our venture to the top, I quickly realized how NOT moderate this hike truly was. Over 3 miles one way, I was tired and hungry. It would’t be a typical hike if I wasn’t complaining the entire way up, which is exactly what I did. We continued up the mountain, having great conversation in between the complaints and water breaks. The view of the ocean was stunning, and we couldn’t wait to get to the so called “flag” at the top. As we almost made it to the top, not believing that we would actually make it to this flag destination, I met a very nice mom who gave me some fruit snacks to help with my hunger! I wish I could run into her again, and tell her how she was a hilarious part of this amazing day.

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We made it to the top! At the top the winds were howling at over 30mph. Justin came over to where I was standing, and told me to come with him because he wanted to read me something. Every year on our anniversary, we write each other a letter. He proceeded to tell me that he wanted to read me the letter today, because I always beat him to it, and he wanted to give me his letter first. At this time I did not notice that our friends had left (and were capturing this moment from afar). He continued to read his letter as we were both laughing and trying not to blow off the top of the mountain. He concluded the most amazing letter that he has ever written, and dropped down on one knee. I can’t remember if he asked me to marry him, and I don’t remember if I actually spoke the word ‘yes’ but the unattractive amount of tears flowing down my face must of given him his answer because he then put the ring on my finger. We continued to celebrate on the top of the mountain taking in the moment, and the scenery. Let’s just say I didn’t complain once on the way back down the mountain (;

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