Kayla and Justin

Image 1 of Kayla and Justin

How We Met

I am an ER nurse and he was an ER Clinical tech and EMT. We met working in our local emergency room and trauma center.

How They Asked

We have been together for almost 5 years. We recently bought a home together. I had been waiting on a proposal and was wondering when it might happen. Little did I know that he had actually bought me a ring before we even bought a house together. Due to COVID, all the vacations and trips out of town with my family had gotten canceled. Each of these trips he had planned to ask me, but that never worked out. He knew it was very important to me for my family to be there! I had speculations that he may do it on Labor Day weekend with my family at the beach, but I was wrong! The week before Labor Day, we had my fiancé’s birthday party and house warming party at our home. We were so excited for our friends and family to see our new home! I was anxiously preparing the food and cleaning and did not even consider that today could be the day he would ask me to marry him! I was inside talking with friends and family, and Justin asked me to step outside to check out or patio lights. I had already seen the lights and was confused why he was trying to show me now. I was surprised to find a path of candles leading to our romantic fire pit in our back yard. It was so beautiful, surprising, and sentimental! We worked so hard to buy our first home together and this made it even more special! It was the most perfect night!