Kayla and Josh

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How We Met

So I meet Josh when we were both still in high school. He came to youth with a friend as they were dating. We never talked after that cause I thought he is younger then me no thanks. February 7th 2016 he sent me a message on Facebook telling me I was gorgeous. I blew it off cause I thought he was just trying to hook up. Well February 13th we went out on our first date and the sparks flew around us. On. February 21st we had a major car accident and which totaled my car. But we were alive and that’s all that mattered.

Most guys would have left but he stayed by my side through the two months physical therapy my family hating him and his family and friends dying we would not make it. Well things where going good and then another bombshell was dropped on us as we found out Josh has to have open heart surgery. From the end of May-August we went from Doctor appointment to doctor appointment trying to get his surgery set up and we have it set up and our just waiting for the day.

how they asked

It’s really funny actually cause he had told me one day in March he was going to propose on my birthday but I didn’t believe him. So on my birthday we had went to help his sister as we had been for the last two days well he had asked her to lend me so nice clothes are I was in yoga pants and a tank top. I ended up in a skirt and a nice blouse. We went and met up with a friend of our as she was spending the day with us. At that point I was blindfolded and had no idea where we were going. The whole ride I thought omg they are going to kill me and no one will know where I’m at.

We stopped I thought great I can take the blindfold of nope I was wrong I still had to hike about 1/2 mile up the side of a really steep mountain. I stayed at the bottom as him and Kieara walked to the top so he could help her into place to capture the video and pictures. So once we got to the top he said okay take your blindfold off.

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As I did I realized where we were at and I freaked out as he was in front of me on one knee.

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I have always loved the view from the fire tower and was shocked he had listened to me when I said I wanted to be proposed to up there. I was shocked and stunned and excited that I found my forever and my firefighter.

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