Kayla and Jon

Image 1 of Kayla and Jon

How We Met

Jon and I went to the same high school. He was a year older than me, so we knew each other, but were never really friends necessarily. We both went to Purdue University and occasionally during my freshman year he’d drive me from home to Purdue (and back) because I didn’t have a vehicle. Fast forward to the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. I told my parents I thought he was cute, so they told me to just ask him to hang out — because why not? I texted him and we went to Hacienda and mini-golfing. We started dating and had a blast together throughout the rest of college. We then went on to law school together and will graduate law school as a married couple. :)

how they asked

I kind of thought Jon might propose on New Year’s Eve of 2016, but he didn’t. I kind of gave up hope thinking maybe it would come much later in the year (we had talked about it, and I knew it would be relatively soon — but I didn’t know HOW soon). A few days later, we were just hanging out at my apartment. He was tying flies (he’s a big fly fisherman) and I was watching TV. He asked me to come and look at one of the flies he had tied. I walked in and he had tied a ring into the fly and was on one knee. I don’t remember a word he said, but I remember crying, hugging him and saying yes.