Kayla and Jeremy

Where to Propose in Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, Ohio

How We Met

Jeremy and I met in our sophomore year of college while we were working at Kennsington Golf Club. I was really good at breaking machines and getting into life-threatening situations and Jeremy was really good at fixing machines and bailing me out of life-threatening situations. Needless to say — it was meant to be. A few laughs, beers and dances later and here we are today!

how they asked

Jeremy and I had been best friends for 5 years. Staying up until 3 am listening to music and comedy and dancing around his kitchen to our favorite songs. So naturally, after five years of friendship, he decided to tell me he was in love with me the day before he was moving to Chicago. Not the brightest decision he’s ever made, but it did get me to move to Chicago about half a year later, so I’ll give him that. In October 2016 he asked me to be in girlfriend at a concert at the Chicago Theater. A little over a year later in October 2017, we took a trip home to our favorite place in Youngstown, Ohio. Mill Creek Park.

Kayla's Proposal in Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, Ohio

I had no idea this would be the place where Jeremy proposed. We walked along our favorite trail listing to music and dancing along the way. Finally, we made it to our spot; a bench that overlooks the water. This is the spot where Jeremy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I cried like a baby the entire time and even more so when I realized that his sister was there capturing the whole thing! He makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive. I can not wait to finally become his wife this year!