Kayla and Jeffrey

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How We Met

Jeff and I met at work. I’m a nurse and he’s in the supply chain. Whenever he would deliver supplies to my floor, I would find a reason to go into the clean utility room and make conversation. I would flirt shamelessly with him and tell all my coworkers how handsome he was. I am normally very outgoing, but he would make me SO nervous. I honestly didn’t think my flirting would ever get me anywhere.

One night in October I was mindlessly scrolling through Hinge doing a lot of swiping left because I had secretly given up on meeting someone. Suddenly I came across his picture, but not paying close attention, I accidentally swiped left! Thankfully, though, Hinge added a back button a few weeks prior, so I was able to use it for his profile once I realized who it was. I messaged him “OH. MY. GOD.” hoping that message would catch his attention. I then proceeded to jump up and down excitedly telling my mom “I matched with the hot Pyxis guy!!” My mom still won’t let me live that down.

Shortly after I sent the message, he answered back. We started to talk and decided to have a first date on November 1st.

Little did I know then, but he answered my message right after a first date that he said didn’t go well. It was fate!

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How They Asked

When Covid-19 hit NY, Jeff and I felt its effects immediately in the hospital. I quickly became a COVID ICU nurse and worked 14+ hours a day, sometimes barely having time to eat or drink. He was working 17+ days in a row to help stock all the floors and bring us necessary supplies. During this hard, tragic time we were experiencing, we realized how much we meant to each other. Seeing the effects of this horrible pandemic on daily lives, we realized life is short and we must live each moment like it’s our last. We wanted a future with each other.

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On May 1st, which was our 6 month anniversary, I went food shopping with my mom. Jeff told me that he wanted us to cook a dinner together to celebrate our anniversary. We aren’t allowed out and everything was closed since we are under quarantine. Little did I know, while I was food shopping, he had invited one of my best friends, Christina, over. My mom and Christina had helped him plan the proposal and order everything needed to make it special. After food shopping, my mom picked up the cart and headed upstairs. to our apartment. I went to find parking. When I got up to my floor and off the elevator, I noticed the shopping cart filled with food still full and in the hallway.

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I thought that was odd but proceeded to go into my apartment anyway. At that moment, once the door opened, I saw the rose petals and candles in the hallway. I saw my best friend standing in my living room. I walked into the living room and saw him waiting for him. I started to cry.

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There was a huge balloon banner that said “Marry Me” and there was a heart made on candles with rose petals. Jeff got down on one knee and told me I was the best thing to happen to him. I became the happiest woman in the world. I am so happy my mom and Christina were able to be there to share this moment with us. I am blessed.

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Life is still hard right now, and we are still dealing with such tragedy around us, but it’s so comforting to look back on that day and know I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend and biggest supporter.

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