Kayla and Jacob

How We Met

Jacob and I met when we were a freshman in high school. We had always been good friends but something changed over the years and during our junior year, we began dating. We’ve always been a very serious couple and I love proving all the people who told me “oh it’s just a high school relationship – you’ll never make it” wrong. From my first kiss to my first love, I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else!

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Kayla and Jacob's Engagement in Atlanta, GA

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How They Asked

Our proposal was as dreamy as could be! I knew he had something big planned but I didn’t think he’d blow me away. Here’s how it went down: my sister planned a helicopter tour of Atlanta for my mom’s birthday (and of course we were running late) so when we finally got up on the platform, I looked up and saw Jacob standing there looking handsome as ever!

We locked eyes and I knew the moment I was waiting for was finally happening!! I am so beyond happy to plan my dream wedding and not just save things on Pinterest!

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Special Thanks

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