Kayla and Jacob

how we met

We met in high school! I noticed him in the hallway and thought he was cute. He was always loud and joking around. Then it turned out that he was in a class with me and a mutual friend set us up. We dated for about a month and ended up going our separate ways as most high school kids do! We kept in touch after graduation.. talking briefly here and there. Fast forward 7 years and we began talking again as friends. I was living with my parents at the time and needed some space so I ended up going for a drive. He was messaging me and sent me a video of him singing. I liked his voice a lot and we had been having pretty good conversations so I asked him if I could take him to dinner! He said of course but I live 5 hours away and it’s a Sunday. I ended up taking a chance and driving all the way to Midland, Texas to take him to dinner and the rest is history!

how they asked

I had one a discounted photo session with Jaime and scheduled it as soon as I could. I had seen her work and was super excited to have her photograph us! My best friend has a farm in Liberty Hill, TX that is very pretty and offered it to us to use for the shoot. Little did I know, Jacob had called Jaime when I scheduled a date and asked if he could do a surprise proposal during the photo session. She said duh, of course! Jaime and Jacob had it planned where she would have us turn back to back for a pose and that was Jacob’s cue. After she asked me to turn around she said she needed to “fix Jacob’s shirt” which is when she slipped the ring in his shirt pocket. When we turned around she said okay, next pose just rest your hands on his chest! I did and looked up at him and asked, “Why is your heart beating so fast?” Jacob just laughed and then began to get down on one knee! I was completely surprised! I had no idea they had planned this or that he even had a ring! It was the one I fell in love with too! I was so excited and surprised. The location of the proposal was special as well because it was on my best friend/cousins land, near where we laid my first dog to rest. He was so special to me and Jacob knew that! All together it was very well planned and special.

Special Thanks

Jaime Burrow Photography
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