Kayla and Henry

how they asked

For the past few months, my coworkers and I have been conjuring up ways we thought my boyfriend would propose to me around the NYC. Some predicted he’d do it at a candlelit restaurant, others thought he might do it in front of the fountain at Lincoln Center. But none of what we predicted came true. He didn’t propose under the starlight, he didn’t propose over a romantic dinner. He didn’t have anyone snap a photo the moment it happened, and he didn’t have a giant speech prepared.

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Instead, one Saturday morning after we worked out he dropped to one knee in our tiny NYC apartment and asked me to “not hate him forever” for not popping the question in a more romantic setting. He said he just couldn’t wait any longer to ask me to be his forever and that he just wanted us to be in the moment. And we did just that. I didn’t fret that my hair wasn’t perfectly straight, or that I wasn’t wearing the cutest outfit as I had imagined. Instead, we ended up sharing a genuinely intimate moment between just us two — one where I was completely living in the present. Later on, we showered and took pictures in a park across our street. It wasn’t Pinterest, it was real life. And I’d choose real life with him every time.

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