Kayla and Halston

How We Met

We live in a small town in Arkansas and everyone (and their mother) knows Halston. However, I didn’t get the privilege to meet such a popular guy until January of 2014 where we were both coincidently watching the horses run at Oaklawn racetrack. I was with a girlfriend that we just so happened to have in common. I remember seeing Halston walking up to us and my girlfriend saying, “oh there’s Halston!” She was shocked when I told her I had never even heard of him. (I still couldn’t get over his name lol) Halston approached us, introduced himself, we shook hands, and went about our day separately. Fast forward a couple of months later, I was going through a bad breakup and Halston added me on Facebook. I didn’t think twice about it. A couple of months after that, I get a strange and hilarious message from him mentioning us meeting at the racetrack in January. I didn’t reply lol.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Kayla's Proposal in Paris, France

After mutual friends insisted that I talk to him and telling me he thought I was beautiful, I finally replied to that funny message a month later. We chatted for a month off and on until he finally asked me on a date on May 30th 2014. Honestly, I was reluctant and went into the date thinking we would make great friends. But, after the most fun and spontaneous dinner at Zaxby’s and hours playing laser tag and racing go-carts, I was drawn to him. Our relationship slowly progressed into the beginning of an adventurous story. A little over a year later, we were blessed with the greatest surprise. A baby boy was on his way into our lives! Our son is our centerpiece and what completes us. After three years of excitement, adventure, and most of all, love, a surprise trip to Paris, France would be where the day I have dreamt about would finally happen.

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how they asked

Halston surprised me with a trip to Paris on Valentine’s Day. Even though I was super excited, I was pretty bummed going on the trip because I just knew deep in my heart that he wouldn’t propose. On the 6th day of our trip, Halston pulled off the biggest surprise of my life. While taking normal pictures on the lawn in front of the Eiffel Tower in comfy clothes on a rainy day, Halston pulled out his phone. Kind of irritated, I asked “why do you have your phone out right now!?”

He said he was texting someone. All of a sudden, he handed me his phone and it was a picture of our son holding a sign that says “Mama, will you marry Dad? Love, Atti” (That’s why I’m holding a phone) Before I could even read past “Will you”, Halston dropped to his knee and asked me to marry him!

I was so shocked that he had to ask “so is that a yes?” And of course I screamed “YEAHHHH!!!” Putting my ring on (while I’m bawling hysterically) he asked if I liked it and I said “oh my gosh yes it’s the most beautiful ring ever!”

Our best friends were there to capture the moment, but not a single soul knew about the proposal until right before it happened. We toasted with overpriced champagne as it began to rain at just the perfect time. The moment was indescribable and still feels like a dream!

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