Kayla and Geoff

How We Met

Last July, I woke up to my friend Michelle’s text that read, “I have a guy for you.” Michelle was surfing through Facebook and came across the name, Geoff Coombs. A guy she went to high school with and hadn’t talked to for 10 years. After lurking Geoff’s profile a little bit, she was convinced that Geoff and I had to meet each other and go on just one date.

After 10 straight years, Michelle messaged Geoff to tell him that she wanted to set him up if he was single of course. Turns out that Geoff was single, so he got my name and number from Michelle and texted me a sweet message the same day. After a week or so of texting, Geoff and I met in person and went on our first date. We enjoyed each other’s company over a cup of coffee so much that after our first date, we both agreed to go on another one, the very next day. Our second date was an adventurous, day-long hike and picnic in front of a waterfall.

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We ended up seeing each other almost every day for the rest of that week. On September 2nd, Geoff officially asked me to be his girlfriend as we laid on a beach at my Grandpa’s cottage. I was the happiest girl that day knowing that I had found someone truly special. Geoff and I are forever thankful to God for bringing us together and of course, for Michelle, for her incredible match-making skills!

Michelle and I laugh so hard looking back at these texts! We still can’t believe this set-up has to lead me to marriage. Naturally, my first response is always, “How tall is he?”

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Kayla and Geoff's Engagement in Lake Muskoka

How They Asked

From the Photographer’s perspective: Here’s the backstory:

I contacted Kayla a few months ago asking her to model for a “styled shoot” as part of this series of video/photo sessions I’ve been promoting. She said yes, with no idea that this “styles shoot” was actually going to be a very real proposal by Geoff.

With the sun shining we took my parents tin boat out to the island with a secret plan. I had a cooler that I told Kayla was full of snacks for them to eat, but really it had roses in it. While I took some solo pictures of her running in the forest, Isaac, and Geoff found the perfect spot for him to pop the question. When we came to find them, Geoff was standing with a single white rose waiting for her by the lake. Isaac and I gave them some space and captured everything from a few hundred meters away as he got down on one knee – it was the cutest moment ever. What a privilege it is to be in on these big moments for such wonderful people.

We spent the next few hours enjoying the Muskoka lifestyle, running barefoot around the forest, wading in the chilly spring water, and capturing them being extra cute and loving as they stared at the new ring on Kayla’s finger.

From Geoff’s perspective: It was a Sunday. Kayla and I drove up from the city to the photographer’s house near Gravenhurst in Muskoka. The photographer’s name was Evelyn Barkey and she worked with me to create a surprise proposal shoot on this day. During the drive, I was thinking ‘Is this going to work?’, ‘Is this too staged?’. I had doubts but the one thing I knew without question was that I wanted to marry Kayla.

We arrived and were warmly greeted by Evelyn and her video assistant Isaac. Kayla was unsure of the secret plan. We walked down to the waterfront and got into a small tin boat with a little motor on the back. Evelyn started the engine and drove towards a small island on Lake Muskoka. Once there Evelyn pulled Kayla aside to shoot some pictures of her running through the forest, while Isaac and I walked to a point to set up the proposal. When we got into position Evelyn made her way back with Kayla and I was facing the water with a white rose in hand. Kayla walked up behind me and I turned. I gave her the rose and said, ‘Will you accept this rose?’ Cheesy I know, but she loves the bachelor. I then pulled out the ring and dropped the knee. She said yes! We spent the next couple hours enjoying the views of Muskoka and capturing some great moments.

It was a day to remember.

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Evelyn Barkey
Isaac Paul