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How we met: Eric and I met on CatholicSingles.com. I was using the site very passively and had looked at Eric’s profile but passed over it because he was from Texas and I am from Louisiana. I wasn’t really interested in having 5 hours between a person I want to date and myself! This site allows you to see who has viewed your profile, however, so Eric saw my profile too, apparently liked what he saw and decided that 5 hours wasn’t so bad. He actually researched the best way to write a first email on an online dating website and then sent me a message…

Even though I wasn’t interested in long distance, I thought he was really cute and we had a lot in common, so I decided to write back. The rest is pretty much history. Within about 2 weeks, we were video chatting, and a month and a half after he first sent me that email, he was driving 5 hours from Bryan, TX to meet me in Abbeville, LA. Our parents and most of our friends thought we were crazy. We even thought we were crazy, but we went with it anyway.

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Our first date consisted of meeting up in the Abbeville town square, Magdalen Square, then walking to breakfast, bringing him home to meet my parents and my nephew, going to a Ragin’ Cajuns football game (where he met my sister, her family, brother, his family, and tons of family friends), and then hanging out at a coffee shop until late in the night! Nothing like trial by fire. By the time he had to leave on Sunday afternoon, we had decided to make our relationship official and we had shared our first kiss. I felt like an idiot but I cried when he left! I went to Bryan two weeks later to spend the weekend and then one of us travelled to the other every weekend from then until the day he moved to Louisiana this past June.

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how they asked the big question I’m pretty sure that he had been planning how he would ask for quite some time. He spent the majority of the summer picking out the perfect ring and then finally put everything together and decided to propose on July 21, 2011.

The place was an easy decision for him: Magdalen Square.

It was where we first met in person and it was where we would always go to say our goodbyes before he left to go back to Texas at the end of each weekend. Eric knew that one of my favorite movies is Tangled and that I loved the scene when Rapunzel and Flynn are in the boat so Rapunzel can finally see the floating lights. Eric made a ton of paper lanterns and recruited my sister, sister-in-law, and one of my best friends to help set the scene for him. In the weeks before he proposed, he asked all of our family and close friends to write messages to me and to us for him to attach to each of the lanterns.

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On the day he proposed, he took me to dinner at a small little Italian restaurant and then we walked to have dessert at a yogurt place close by the restaurant. While we were doing this, Tricia, Toye, & Sarah were busy hanging all of the paper lanterns in the gazebo at Magdalen Square. After dessert, we drove back to Abbeville and as we got closer to Magdalen Square, Eric put his hand over my eyes and told me to close my eyes. He then drove around and parked his truck where we usually parked, came around and got me out. Eric told me SO many things that night….so many romantic and loving things, but I barely remember any of them because my head was already swimming with what was happening!

At that point, I know he said something to the effect of “this was the place that we had so many goodbyes and so many tears, but we don’t have to do that anymore. We don’t have to say goodbye anymore and this place is going to become a place of happy memories for us.” When he finally turned me around to walk me into the Square, I could see the set up and my hopes were confirmed that he was going to propose! He brought me into the gazebo and said some more things (none of which I remember!), then he got down on one knee, showed me the ring and asked me if I would be his wife forever! I said yes and put the ring on!

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He had my sister put out his iphone dock, so he put his phone in and played Find Yourself by Brad Paisley. We danced in the gazebo, under the lanterns. It was awesome and I’m pretty sure that we were both on cloud 9. After the song ended, we read all of the messages that our family and friends had written. I’m pretty sure that I cried more reading the messages than I did at any other time. It was such a great feeling knowing that we were surrounded by so much love and support from everyone that means so much to us. After we read the messages, Eric had a real paper lantern for us to light and let fly? float? He turned on the song I See the Light from Tangled while we lit the lantern and attempted to get it to float away!

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By that time, I saw the vehicle that his cohorts (Tricia, Toye, and Sarah) were in. They had stayed around to take pictures. They came out of the car, everyone hugged and danced around a little and then Eric and I headed home to my house. He had arranged a small party of close friends and family to celebrate our engagement! It was so awesome to already have so many people around to celebrate with! Since his family is in Texas, we were able to video chat with his mom, dad, and sister to celebrate with them as well! I was so blown away by the whole event and felt so loved and adored by him!

Now we are planning a wedding and are less than 4 months from becoming husband and wife! It is crazy how life can change in just one short year, but we are both just going with it and thanking God everyday for the gift of each other!

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