Kayla and Dustan

how we met

We are high school sweethearts who met at a school dance in the 10th grade. (January 7th 2012) We started dating a few months later ( June 4th 2012) and the rest was history!

how they asked

It was December 6th 2019, we were in Gatlinburg TN. Dustan had been deployed in the few months prior so this trip had been planned since before he left. I mentioned at some point before he left that it would be nice for us to take a little trip and get a cabin just the 2 of us when he got back from his deployment. (Which now I know fell into his plan perfectly because he was trying to figure out a way to take me on a trip without me being suspicious) so of course he agreed and he booked it. So the day of the proposal I woke up and started getting ready, it was pretty cold out and I knew we would be walking the strip in Gatlinburg all day so I opted to dress cozy. I noticed Dustan in his nicer jacket and even made the comment “well your all dressed up, now I feel like I need to be” and he just said something like well just do what you want. Need less to say I dressed cozy.

Special Thanks

Gatlinburg Skylift Park
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