Kayla and Drew

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Abilene Tx

How We Met

Drew and I met in High School and went to church together. We don’t remember our first meeting but we remember so clearly the summer we truly started to notice each other. We did youth group events and huddles and always talked but the summer of 2014 we went on a mission trip working with Citysquare in Dallas.

Proposal Ideas Abilene Tx

I noticed how stinking cute he was working with the kiddos we did VBS with and at the end of the mission trip we did a homeless simulation. I remember complaining about being hungry and nervous and he just put his arm around me and told me it would all be okay and I knew at that moment I wanted him to put his arm around me every day after.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Abilene Tx

Kayla and Drew's Engagement in Abilene Tx

How They Asked

Drew had been planning to talk to my parents on Saturday and then propose to me in the next coming week. But our beautiful town woke up to a snowy winter wonderland (living in Texas this is a BIG DEAL) and he texted my mom that morning and said: “this is about as Hallmark as we’re ever going to get!” He knew it had to be today! He texted all my friends and rushed to my mom and dad’s houses to ask their permission in classic last-minute Drew form. His plan was to pick me up for lunch then swing by downtown to walk around in the snow-covered park, but when he pushed our lunch time to later I took myself downtown to walk around and kill time! (We have the most perfect hometown with a beautiful downtown park.)

In a panic, he gathered my friends to come “join me so I would be be alone” to “take some fun girl pics in the snow!” Naturally I believed them. When Drew finally got there, I asked if we could snag a few pics before lunch. They suggested one in front of the beautiful snow covered Christmas tree, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was my Hallmark Christmas dream come true.

Special Thanks

Ben Burke
 | Photographer