Kayla and Dominic


How We Met

We met in high school as freshmen, and I instantly fell for him – he was my high school crush. We would always tease and play with one another throughout our high school career, but he had a girlfriend and I had a boyfriend. It wasn’t until community college that he messaged me at 1 a.m. asking to hang out. We were both single, and honestly, I figured it was a booty call (not that he is that type of guy – but c’mon, it’s 1 a.m.!) So I went over to his house and we spent the next five hours watching scary movies and he tickled me I think for the whole five hours!! Five years later, I’m no longer ticklish and he’s made me the happiest woman ever.

how they asked

We graduate from Western Illinois University next month on Dec. 17. We haven’t had couple photos done in about two years, so I was telling my Editor-in-chief of the Western Courier (where I’m a news editor) that I was needing photos done. I’ve always taken our photos, but she offered to take them for us because she wanted to get more experience – so I said why not! Erika (Editor-in-chief) is also one of my best friends at college, so I was over the moon at the thought of my good friends taking our couple photos, and Dominic was on board too. So after the proposal I now know that he had called Erika a week prior to the proposal and told her that he was planning on proposing during the photoshoot in front of Sherman Hall (the main building at Western). So the day of the proposal (Nov. 12) we are taking photos around the campus and we get in front of Sherman Hall on the sidewalk and he pulls me in. He tells me that he’s so happy that we’ve experienced Western together and that what better way to end our chapter at Western and in Macomb (we’re moving back to our hometown in Iowa after graduation!) than starting it with a new chapter and then he asked me to marry him.