Kayla and Dillon

How We Met

“How did y’all meet!?” the question we get asked ALL the time… Honestly, neither one of us can pinpoint one “exact” moment we met. Our story started when our paths crossed many, many times… Growing up, I grew up at the baseball field watching my younger brother play. Dillon also played baseball, and his dad coached some of the rec. teams. Even though Dillon was a year older than me, we would see eachother in passing at the ballfields or while working the concession stands. We knew of eachother, that’s a better way to put it…

Back in 2011, Dillon sent me a Facebook message, a simple “Hey” …then again in 2012, 2013, and so on… needless to say, he was persistent. I went to high school with his sister, and we had siblings who were the same ages, too. He is one of 6 children. I am one of 3. Family is so important to both of us.

Fast forward— Dillon started working for my dad during the summers when he was home from college. I knew he was a good guy, seemed nice, and seemed sweet. To this day I still remember my mom saying “I bet he’d be good to you if you gave him a chance.” We became friends who talked here and there, but nothing came of it. Yet, our paths kept crossing… In 2017 Dillon got drafted by the Houston Astro’s to play Minor League Baseball. We had texted and snap chatted here and there, so of course, I congratulated him! We would go a couple of months without talking, then out of the blue, it felt like something always came up allowing us to reconnect.

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Whether it be a simple text message, or running into each other when I was home from college and he was home for the off-season of baseball. We both dated other people, had our own busy lives, both worked & went to school; so the “timing” was never in our favor. Finally, we both realized we were at a place in our lives where we were ready to settle down, had our priorities straight, and felt like God kept allowing our paths to cross for a reason. Even though we had talked for years on and off as friends, we had never hung out alone… and the first time we did, I think we both agree, we “clicked” instantly— something neither one of us had ever felt or experienced before.

On October 8, 2018, Dillon told me “I bought you something today” —I had no idea what it could be. Then he pulled out a RING POP… I immediately giggled because I remember him telling me that maybe one day I would get a ring… from a vending machine. I said “no way! I at least deserve a ring pop.” The ring pop wrapper had question marks all over it (mystery flavor). Dillon says “so are you going to answer my question: will you be my girlfriend?” (*he also had purposely played the song “This is it” by Scotty McCreery at the same time)— I said yes, & we began dating.

2018-2019 were both very crazy, adventurous years for both of us. The New York Yankees organization picked Dillon up, I graduated from college, we traveled, we dealt with distance, etc…

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How They Asked

“How did he propose!?” another question we get asked frequently… I love this question, simply because I love answering it…

07.19.2019 – I was visiting Dillon in New York… The “baseball life” is very unpredictable and requires lots of traveling & lots of short and/or last-minute visits. During this particular visit, I was able to be with him for 6 days… 6 whole days!?!? As if that itself wasn’t exciting enough… I flew in Wednesday and when he picked me up from the airport he said “guess what!? Friday night there are fireworks after the game.” I was SO excited because 1) he knows I LOVE fireworks, and 2) we weren’t together for the 4th of July so it would kind of be a make-up holiday for us!

Friday came, he went to practice at the field (like normal) and I got ready to ride with the girls to go to the game. Before he left, he told me to dress cute— that he was taking me out for a “fancy dinner after the game.” I was so excited! The other girlfriends and I watched the game, and after we all went on the field to be with our guys “during the fireworks.”

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Suddenly, the announcer came over the sound system throughout the stadium saying “Fans, please direct your attention to the scoreboard for a special announcement.” I turned around, heard “This is it” by Scotty McCreery (the same song he had playing when he asked me to be his girlfriend) start to play, and saw a video of pictures of Dillon and me on the scoreboard. My stomach immediately turned into butterflies, and my body went into shock— I turned around to face Dillon and he was getting down on one knee!!!

He asked me to marry him, I said YES, and as soon as he put the ring on my finger the huge firework show began! I was in complete shock, and I’m still in awe that he was able to keep the biggest secret ever from me. Both of our families were on facetime, so they got to watch the whole thing! His team, fans & coaches all congratulated us— and his coaches gave us our “first engagement gift” by telling us Dillon was called up to the next level in the minor league. Another answered prayer! Needless to say, we had to cut the New York trip short, hop on 2 separate planes & met our parents down in Charleston, SC. It was definitely the craziest 24 hours of our lives thus far, and it’s only the beginning… God’s timing is so perfect, our story is my favorite, and i’ll never have the “right” words to describe it!

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Side note: his baseball name is Tim Hardy (his first name is Timothy) I just have always known him as “Dillon” (his middle name/ the name he goes by at home) :)