Kayla and David

How We Met

What they say is true, true love is always standing right in front of you and you don’t even know it. David and Myself have known of each other for over 6 years; our younger brothers are best friends which made our families very close. We were both in long-term relationships 3 years into knowing each other when our brothers attempted to get us together. We both continued to live our separate lives, being nothing more than just friends.

The years continued to pass and our separate relationships were falling apart. We were both tired of not being treated right and simply tired of hurting. Till one day David finally got the courage to ask me out on a date. We were simply still just friends, seeing where things would take us. He was absolutely charming, true gentleman, treated me like a girl should be treated; just by the simplest of things.

From that date one, we were inseparable David was being my best friend and someone I always wanted to continue to be around. He always told me, “You had me from Hello”.

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how they asked

Our relationship was truly a fairy-tale love story, one that I never dreamed would of been possible. Every girl dreams of finding the man of their dreams, and pray they get to spend the rest of their lives with them.

We had been together just over a year, and decided to take the next step in our lives and buy a house. David and Myself both have dreams and goals that we want to reach and buying our own first house was indeed a dream come true. We needed up closing on our First Home end of October 2015. We moved in and began turning our house into a home in November; then deciding we wanted to show all of our family and friends our accomplishment we decided to have a “House Warming Party”.

The day of the Party, November 13th, 2015; being myself everything had to be perfect, this was something that our closest family and friends were coming to see, what we accomplished, what we achieved. We both worked night shift at work, we got home and I was in full out clean mood, from mopping the floor to make sure all the yard work was done. David was just along for the ride helping me whenever I asked him or staying out of my way, haha.

My mother insisted on me going with her to her hair appointment, little did I know she had planned a coloring and cut that day for me that day as well. Stressing due to the time, finally getting home from our hair appointments and grocery shopping; I knew there was still stuff that needed to be done. David insisted that I go get my nails down with his mother and that he would finish the little things around the house. David’s mother, Mrs. Sonja wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Again, getting home from all activities it was time for the Party. Family and friends were beginning to arrive we were trying to entertain everyone. Finally my mother gathered everyone in so we could start opening our House Warming Gifts. I sat down in a chair in the middle of the room, surrounded by all of our family and friends. At this time, David was standing behind me and his brother handed me a box, I didn’t think anything of it I just thought it was a gift from him to open. I began opening the box and then a balloon popped out, on the balloon stated “Will You Marry Me”, at which time David was now in front of me on one knee proposing.

He knew that my only request reference proposal was I wanted my family and our friends to be there for the memories. I needed up planning my own engagement and didn’t even know it. It was absolutely perfect!!!!

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