Kayla and David

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How We Met

We actually met a very crazy way. When I tell people how we met people look at me stunned. The ironic thing is David and I actually had a class together in high school. Although, we had the same class we never spoke to each other. I have never even heard his name until a few years later. It was September, my freshman year of college when I found my childhood friend Magan had passed away in a car crash. David’s family was also very close to Magan as well as her family. While we both attended the funeral he went with his family and I went with mine. Again I didn’t even see or know about him. I was going to the burial, Magan’s family told me to get into this SUV with The Hodge family. I had no idea who any of them were. Everyone was in the back seat, while there was an open seat in the front. I got in the front seat because it would of been awkward if I got in the back seat when the front seat was empty. David was driving us and the whole way to the burial site we just talked and laughed. We clicked almost instantly. I went back to college after the funeral and came back in October to go to a Halloween party Magan’s family invited me to. David was there too and we hung out. You would of thought we were best friends the chemistry was just there. Shortly after the party we began to hang out a lot, then he asked me out. Needless to say our friend Magan had bigger plans that brought us together were I met the love of my life at her funeral.

how they asked

David and I have always had a huge love for Christmas. I went to Opryland Hotel in Nashville,TN many times as a child. I absolutely loved Nashville during the holidays. If you haven’t seen the hotel during Christmas it’s just stunning. When I first started dating David and found out how much he loved Christmas, I knew I had to take him there! We have tried going 2 years for Christmas, but always fell short financially. We decided this year we were going. I wanted to invite my mom and brother because I knew how much they loved Nashville. When I invited my parents David decided to invite his parents as well. We went down to Nashville December 15. We did all sorts of fun things that day We then spent Saturday at the mall, went to Rain Forest Cafe with our families. David told me we had reservations at 6 to ride the river boat. I asked our families if they would be joining us. They said “no” because they wanted to do a carriage ride that night instead. The river boat is a little river you can take a boat ride on inside the hotel. When he told me that we had reservations I didn’t think anything about it. I didn’t think about it because its always extremely packed during the holidays so I just figured we got to skip the line with reservations. The whole way there I thought I made him mad somehow, because something was really off about him. He wasn’t being his normal self. When we arrived at the hotel to ride the river boat, they had us stand on the other side of everyone else. Then I began to wonder why we were on the opposite side of everyone else. A boat arrived and everyone got off. I then thought we would just board first since we had reservations. The guy helping people board the boat smiles at me and says “your boat is coming right behind this one.” I just thought “my boat?” Well the boat left, and a few minutes later I hear music coming down the river. This boat coming up had Christmas lights on it, candles, bottle of wine, and flowers on it. I was like “oh my gosh that can’t be our boat.” It was indeed our boat. I stepped on holding David’s hand. We rode on the river while I was just shocked that I was actually in Nashville holding David’s hand. As we came upon the biggest tree in the hotel, David asked me to stand up. I then knew what was going on. He began to speak about how much he loved me. Then he asked me “Kayla Rae Andrada will you marry me?” I said ‘YES!” After the proposal lots of people began to scream, they were congratulating us as we passed them on the boat. We went further down the river when I heard familiar screams. It was our families they didn’t want to go on the boat ride because they wanted to get pictures of the proposal. It was literally the best day of my life!

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