Kayla and Darren

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How We Met

When my cousin Ryan Stellman told me he had the perfect guy for me, I laughed. After multiple attempts to get us together he finally got us together. He told me to come with him and his friends to go to K1 go-cart racing, I went assuming it was with his normal group not knowing Darren would be there. Once I was there it was like it was just Darren and I on a date and none of the other guys were there. We spent that night going go-cart racing, to Yard House and then bowling, not wanting the night to end. But the first time we met is nothing in comparison to our first date. Darren planned everything so elaborately. He picked me up in Laguna Beach and drove me up to Santa Monica and took me to The Getty Villa (which I had mentioned was something I always wanted to do when we first met). After walking around The Getty for 3 hours he took me to dinner in Santa Monica and then to the pier where we went on rides and played games. Finally 8 hours later he dropped me off at home. Immediately after getting out of his car, I called my mom and told her I would be introducing her to her future son-in-law soon.

how they asked

Darren asked me on October 17, 2015, one year to the day of our first date! After a week of anxiety, Darren drove me to the Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach, CA and walked me down to the beach. As he got down on one knee he told me three things: “It has been the best year of his life, I am his one soul mate, and will you marry me?” I immediately said yes and heard cheering and screams. I turned around and our family was in the bar at Splashes of Surf and Sand watching and videoing the whole thing! Being able to say yes to the man of my dreams and share that moment with my family and his family was the most special and amazing moment that I will cherish forever!

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