Kayla and Connor

Where to Propose in ALFRED, NY

How We Met

Valentine’s Day 2015, my best friend and I decided to join Tinder to see what the hype was. It quickly became a game for us until a few months later when I swiped right on a profile for a guy named Connor. We matched and he messaged me soon after… it was a message I screenshotted and sent to my best friend because I could tell there was something different about him.

We talked for about two weeks and he kept asking to take me out so we could meet but I kept saying no. Finally, I decided to give it a shot and asked if he wanted to go see dinosaurs with me (Jurassic World). We made plans to meet at a diner and then go to a drive in to see the movie!
I was the worst date ever- barely spoke, didn’t know how to really connect with him, and he suggested that we go to the bookstore nearby before the movie. I’m a huge book nerd, so I was all over the idea. We went and I think that’s where I actually started falling for him. The night went smoothly after that and two weeks later, which included another three dates, I agreed to officially date him.

How They Asked

Connor knew that my college town was important to me, so he was insistent that we go visit in March. I tried to delay the trip, knowing it would be cold and snowy, but he insisted! We went all around town and stopped at the places I wanted to show him. He asked if I wanted to go get some coffee at the coffee shop and I gladly agreed. We got our drinks, went upstairs and got comfortable and he asked me what my favorite part of our trip was. I told him about the parts that I had enjoyed and then I asked what his favorite part was.

He told me that it hadn’t happened yet, to which I asked what he meant. He pulled out a copy of the first book we had ever read together and told me to look through it and read the parts he bookmarked and highlighted…

Kayla's Proposal in ALFRED, NY

He pieced together his proposal based on the love story in the book, which he had told me when we read it the first time was his idea of true love. I started crying before I got halfway through reading the parts and by the end, I was completely blurry-eyed with tears as I looked up and saw him holding out the ring to me. I just started saying yes over and over as he put the ring on my finger!