Kayla and Cody

Kayla's Proposal in Jacksonville, Florida

How We Met

Cody and I met back in 2011 through mutual friends. Back in 2011 we had what some might call a fling, but it didn’t last long. Cody and I both went on to have pretty serious relationships. Unbeknown to the both of us those relationships of course didn’t work out and here we both are single again. It was until 2015 after running into each other that our love story began. After running into each other Cody began asking me out on a date. I finally said yes, and lets be honest that was the best decision I could have made. out first date was nothing short of perfect. We went to dinner, walked on the beach, and talked about everything under the sun. We have been inseparable since that day.

how they asked

As I mentioned before Cody and I’s first date was to Jacksonville Beach for dinner. After dinner we took a walk on the beach where we just sat and talked about everything under the sun. I might be bias but I believe Cody planned the best proposal ever. I received a text message from Briana (my future sister in law) earlier in the week saying we had family pictures on Saturday. I thought nothing about this because honestly it made sense since Cody’s family had just welcomed Jacob (my future nephew) into the family. Saturday comes around the day of family pictures. Cody and I head down to the beach to meet everyone or at least that is what I believe is happening. We pull up to beach and Cody says lets get out of the truck. Me being Kayla says no lets wait for everyone to get here and we can all walk together. Well Cody starts getting out of the truck, which led me to get out as well. We begin walking down the beach and I see some creepy man laying up in the sand out of the sun. So I mention to Cody how creepy he is and that we shouldn’t walk any further. Of course Cody says it is fine and continues walking. All the sudden Cody grabs my hand says some of the sweetest words ever and next thing you know he is down on one knee.

Where to Propose in Jacksonville, Florida

Of course I said YES! (after the crying stopped) Oh and turns out that creepy guy was Cody’s brother who was capturing our entire engagement. After the engagement Cody says we have dinner reservations downtown with our parents. We begin to head downtown and Cody says hey lets stop by my brothers house and show him the ring. We pull up to their house and I open the front door and Cody had planned a surprise engagement party with all our friends and family. Here I went again crying, it was beyond thoughtful. Cody and I are so excited to start our life together.

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