Kayla and Cody

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How We Met

Cody and I were set up through a mutual friend….well sort of. She had mentioned Cody a couple of times and I had seen glimpses of him on her Snapchat and thought he was nerdy and cute. So I told her and she told me she was going to send him my number. A few days went by and I asked her why he hasn’t texted me and she was like “I never sent him you number, I forgot.” So she kept messing with me saying she wasn’t going to and so I took matters into my own hands and took her phone and messaged him my number. He instantly texted me. And I was at work and all giddy and smiling and so we started talking and eventually set up our first date. January 25th 2015, the day everything started, our first date and the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. I know what you’re thinking, “he asked you to be his girlfriend on the first date?!” Yes, he did and I wouldn’t change it. We clicked instantly and started dating and getting to know each other, next thing I knew is we never wanted to be apart. 2 years later we’ve grown stronger and love each other more and more everyday.

how they asked

On June 5th 2017, Cody and I were on vacation with his family and we went to go take pictures on the beach. I took some of his family and then we took some and then I was like “okay so we’re done..” and started to walk away. Next thing I know Cody grabs my hand and I turn to see him down on one knee and I immediately shout “no you’re not!” And start Kim Kardashian crying….not exaggerating. It was such an emotional moment for the both of us cause we had been talking about marriage for a long time. He was getting choked up trying to find the words to say and couldn’t so instead he put his head against my stomach (more and more tears) and then he opened the burgundy colored Shane Company box and inside was the most breath taking emerald cut diamond ring. All I could do was nod yes and cry. It was the most perfect moment and I’ll cherish it forever.

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