Kayla and Chandler

Kayla's Proposal in Marion, VA

How We Met

We met through a mutual acquaintance where I went to school in Tennessee. I was getting out of an unhealthy relationship, and the mutual friend decided to hook us up. I was definitely unsure since I was being set up with a complete stranger, by a coworker. I pretty much gave him the run around for about 7 months until we decided to finally meet. I was at work when I texted him, not sure of how he’d respond since I’d blown him off several times before. When I got home, he responded–we both had made plans to go swimming so I invited him to swim with me at my apartment complex. He agreed, and when he got to my apartment, and I saw him for the first time, I knew this was the man I waa going to marry.

how they asked

Fast forward 2 years later, we were at our hunting camp on opening day of bow season, October 7th. I’d kept bugging him about when he’d finally propose and make things official. We bought our first house last year, he bought me a car for my birthday…so things were already serious. He made up some story about how he had asked his best friend some info and he was getting the ball rolling. *bummer* I pouted the whole way up the mountain to our land. Once there, I got excited knowing it was opening day and I would get to hunt by myself.

We have a tradition that on opening day, we take a selfie before we trek up the mountain. This time he brought the video camera, me not thinking anything of it. So he “set the timer” and suggested we pray for the things we are thankful for. As he began praying and thanking God for all we had, he began praying over me, and I start bawling my eyes out. Next thing you know, he’s kneeling down on one knee saying that he wants to take my lonely finger and fill it with a ring. It was like I had an out of body experience because I don’t remember one word he said that whole time, but I do remember saying “oh my God, oh my God yes!” :) needless to say what started out as a random hook up, and conversation over Instagram, would have ended up with my Prince Charming asking me to be his wife, as the most beautiful sun rise painted a picture in the background!