Kayla and Chance

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How We Met

Chance and I never should’ve crossed paths. I was an undergrad student at LSU living in Baton Rouge, LA, and he was a master’s student at New Orleans Seminary living in Centreville, MS. I was super involved in a Baptist ministry on LSU’s campus, and he just so happened to become an intern there. I had no idea who he was, I just knew he was SUPER attractive.

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I had to be the bold one and make the first move, so I worked up the nerve to talk to him one night. Come to find out, he was the youth pastor at the church my grandparents got married in and my great-grandma was still a member of. CRAZY. Shortly after, we went on our first date — to Sonic! We’ve been totally inseparable since then. He’s my person.

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How They Asked

Chance and I went to Natchez, MS on a “group date” a week or so after we went to Sonic. We found this little bookstore, Turning Pages, and went in by ourselves. While we were there, we found this beautiful back courtyard, and it was just us there. We sat and talked about the important stuff before returning to the group. Chance told me he decided that day that if he ever proposed, it would be there. Two years later, he had a ring ready to go. When he, my mom, and my brother went to check out the bookstore and plan the day a few days before, the found out the bookstore had closed for good. Chance was upset but made some backup plans. Just to give it one last effort, they went to the store next to it and got the owner’s phone number.

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Chance called the owner, Mrs. Mary, and told her what he had wanted to do for the proposal. Mrs. Mary was a total angel and said she would give him a key for the day off and get the store cleaned just for us. The day of, Chance, our two friends, and I went to Natchez for what I thought was a double date. We ate lunch and I brought up the cute bookstore and wanted to show it to our friends. Chance told me it had closed. I was bummed, but I still wanted to try to show them.

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We walked toward the bookstore, the guys walked ahead and did the ring handoff, and when they got to the bookstore, yelled: “it’s open!” I was oblivious, so I was just like, “yay!” When we got in the bookstore, there was a rose petal path toward the courtyard. When I opened the door I saw framed pictures of us everywhere and more rose petals. I gasped and everything went kind of fuzzy.

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Chance walked over to me, told me how much he loved me and led me over to a table with the ring on it. He got down on one knee, asked me to marry him, and I said “yes!” It was the BEST day. He is the love of my life, and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to have the sweetest, most handsome, most thoughtful guy in the world as my future husband.

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