Kayla and Brent

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How We Met

We met 5 years ago playing coed softball the summer before I left to go to college for 4 years. Neither one of us was really looking for a relationship me especially, but we clicked. However, there is a 10 year age gap between us and our relationship was not accepted by everyone at first which made it hard. But we stuck together and we had great friends. We continued to date through college seeing each other when we could he would come to my games and I would go home whenever I could. My senior year of college I began planning what was going to happen after I graduated and I knew I was going to marry him it was just debating on when he asked.

how they asked

Which led to April 8, 2017. As I said earlier Brent would come to my games. Well, I was a pitcher for a division 2 softball team for Chowan University. April 8th was my senior day (our last home game, my last time playing on that field) and I was secretly hoping that he was going to do it then because that was my dream proposal to get asked on the mound of my college field. However, I told my best friend and teammate that morning that I didn’t think it was going to happen today. She just smiled ( meanwhile she knew it was gonna happen) and said maybe he will. Well, we go to the game I pitched a no-hitter did really good and all that. Well between games was the announcement of the seniors and all their accomplishments.

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Well I was last in line and met up with my family and Brent to walk out on the field well I gave Brent a hug and he was very stand-offing should and acting weird. So my parents are telling me to go stand on the mound because I am a pitcher (I did not want to because that would put me in front of the other seniors and I didn’t want to take away from them either, I get a lot of recognition as a pitcher) well I go stand in line while they are announcing me and my best friend is like Kayla get on the mound. I was not happy but I did it and then the announcer was like now Kayla pleas turn around and look at centerfield. O was not happy I did not know why I had to do that I rolled my eyes and I know I looked mean.

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But I turned around and at first, I didn’t see anything then I kind of looked down and there he was down on one knee smiling at me. I was shocked and started crying and then he continued to look at me and didn’t say anything so I was like are you gonna ask and he was like will you marry me. I said yes obviously. Well, he was shaking so bad he couldn’t put my ring on me. So I helped him with that.

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After that we were congratulated by everyone and my parents asked him why he didn’t say all the stuff he had planned to say and he was like I don’t know I was fine and then I dropped to one knee and it was like I was cursed (he was very nervous). We are now 7 weeks away from the wedding and very excited.

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Special Thanks

Danielle Baccus
 | Planning
Rose Farmer
 | Videographer