Kayla and Brandon

How We Met

We met freshman year of high school. It’s pretty funny because we had a mutual friend he wanted to date and he approached her when she was talking to me. So we got introduced and I had a huge crush on him. We became close friends all of freshman year and we both ended up transferring to the same high school that our district was opening. Flash forward to Sophomore year he was having a hard year and I had set up a scavenger hunt through the school to make his day a little more cheerful, but he didn’t complete it until the very end of the day because he was terrified I was asking him out (which I wasn’t). Finally, after a couple months of texting nonstop I found out he had never seen Beauty and the Beast. I was so shocked I set up a whole showing after school one day for him to watch it with me, as the movie ended he kissed me and finally asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

In January 2017 Brandon surprised me with a trip to my favorite place ever, Disneyland!!!!!!! My birthday is February 1st so he said it was to celebrate my birthday. Well we were riding all the rides and finally I wanted to go see Belle like I always do because she is my absolute favorite and the cast member told me, “We have Snow White and 2 surprise princesses. I can’t tell you who they are.” I got a little annoyed but I had to use the bathroom so I went to bathroom and Brandon stayed behind. When I called him when I left the restroom he was a little weird and told me to grab a churro before meeting him. So of course I did. Well when I finally met up with him in the princess area he told me, “Belle’s shift starts at 3pm so we have to be back here at 3!” We rode a couple rides and came back at 3 only to not join the line of people, instead they said they had a special birthday surprise for me. I walked in the rooms and the first princess was Cinderella, then Snow White, then on to the last room was EMPTY! I wanted to see Belle so badly, then the cast members said, “We left this special room open for the Birthday Princess. Please go up so we can take your picture with you Prince!” I did so giddy that this happened, then I noticed the metal rose shaped ring box in his hand. He got down on one knee asking me to marry him, between my little cries I squeaked out a yes! It was the most beautiful and magical thing ever! Plus it was our own unique Disney engagement. They brought out the 3 princesses from the rooms: Snow White, Cinderella, and Elena of Avalor who gawked at the ring and rang in some congratulations. But little to my knowledge as we headed out another cast member brought out Belle just for us! It was the most perfect and exciting thing ever. Beauty and the Beast ties us together forever.