Kayla and Bradley

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How We Met

Our story starts with a little bit of a backstory. Not only am I in love with my fiancé, but I was one of the lucky few that got the opportunity to help him raise a beautiful (now 7 yr old) little girl. They have been my greatest blessings. And it just so happens, she and I have bonded over our mutual affinity for any and all things Disney. I cherish each princess tea party, and every royal ball she hosts. Her father even busts out his grandest royal attire, complete with the King’s crown and royal scepter…typical Saturday night.

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how they asked

Flash forward to June 9th, 2017. We are all ecstatic. We’ve pulled off the greatest surprise of all. You see, each year, we visit my fiance’s Great Grandmother in South Florida. She recently passed, however, we like to continue the tradition, so this is where we typically vacation. This year, however, we have convinced Sawyer that we needed to make a little pit stop before heading down to the beach. DISNEY WORLD!! It was truly hard to tell who was more excited, her or I, as I also in 27years had never been to Disney World. This was pure elation for the both of us girls. Little did I know, Brad and his princess would be the ones bestowing the biggest surprise of my life.

Of course, Cinderella’s castle is the #1 attraction we wanted to visit. I mean after all, where else is fit for a 7 yr old princess. So we make a post, circle around and soak it all in. The day goes on, and we make memory after memory. Each a little greater than the last, each smile getting bigger, each shrill and shriek of elation grows louder and stronger. This truly is magical. The day is drawing towards lunch. So we make our way to a small gift shop and buy the essential Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears before we sit down to eat. While we pick out ears, Brad suggests he is going to take Sawyer to scope out some food options and that we would reconvene out front of the castle as it was close by. We all agree, and off they go. After I get out of the gift shop, I am led by my soon to be in-laws down a small walkway along the castle’s edge.

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We are looking around for Brad and Sawyer when I notice a little mass of people gathered around, and there they are. As I walk towards them I notice they are holding a sign, so I immediately ask my mother-in-law Charlotte what was on the sign. All she could muster up was a giggle and “I don’t know, let me hold those ears and go see”. As I could start to make the sign out it was clear to me what was happening. The sign read on a large scroll “Will you be the Queen of our Castle?”. As I finally made it out, Brad knew. He handed his half of the scroll to Sawyer and dropped to his knee. I can’t remember if he actually asked or not, everything was such a blur! But with the streaming tears, a muttered “yes”, and a passionate kiss, we were engaged.

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It felt like we were the only two people on the planet, but then the roars and cheers of the witnessing crowd remind you, that it truly is the most magical place on Earth. Turns out Brad had asked his daughter Sawyer and my parents about 6-8 wks prior. And he had been plotting this ever since. His entire family was in on it, his sister had packed and stored the camera for when the time was right. His mother held and secured the ring through security lines and the park, with Brad getting in between her and me at every search. And his father brought a backpack specifically for the scroll. The gift shop stop was a sly gathering in which they all exchanged goods, and then Brad and Sawyer set off to set up, not “look for food”. Everyone knew, and 7yr old Sawyer kept the secret all those weeks!! When we got back to the hotel, we were met by a package from my Parents back home. It was his and her shirts that read “I asked at Cinderella’s Castle” and, “I said yes at Cinderella’s Castle”….Tinker Bell got a kick out of that! It is safe to say that Sawyer and I’s first time to Disney was truly a fairytale.

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