Kayla and Bobby

How We Met

It all started when Bobby decided to watch a Cowboys’ game at Wolfies, a restaurant where I work! I noticed him sitting at the bar and thought he was so handsome, I was so nervous that I had to get my best friend to give him my number as I ran out the doors to leave haha so silly.

We started dating and I knew there was something special about him, when we would go anywhere he would open the car door for me, he didn’t mind when I would come home with 5 sick puppies to foster, he would drive me to work so I wouldn’t have to fight for a parking spot, these little things and so much more meant the world to me and I realized he was the one, he was perfectly made for me!

how they asked

We dated for about 7 months and one day Bobby told me we were going on a work trip to meet his boss in New York. I had absolutely no idea that he would be taking me to Times Square getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him on a billboard for the whole city to see! It was amazing, romantic and perfect! So now here we are, planning our special day!