Kayla and Blair

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How We Met

Blair and I met while working at the same company, however, he worked in the Edmonton office and I worked in the Calgary office. He was asked to travel and work in the Calgary Office for 6-8 months. The first time we met was when I was delivering pay stubs to the employees in his work area – I never knew this, but he told all the guys in his office that he wanted to be with me, and that it was love at first site. He would then find different ways to talk to me, either asking me to send emails for him, ordering supplies, or buying beef jerky for his sons fundraisers. I was going through a difficult time in life and boys were not on my mind at the time. However, during Christmas break, I had thought of Blair and what he might’ve been doing, which I think is quite odd how things truly work out! After break, we started messaging each other quite frequently and he eventually asked me to go for wings and beer! That date had been a “is this person suitable for me”, as Blair has a son, he wanted to make sure I was someone who would be able to love his son as much as possible, and for me, I needed to make sure he wasn’t a nut ;) From that first date, we have gone through so much together and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together, forever!

how they asked

It didn’t take us long to realize we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Blair started looking at rings and started telling our friends that he was going to ask me in the New Year. Once he told his son his plans, Declan got upset and told him that he wanted to be involved. Starting in July, Blair and Declan started planning on how they were going to ask me.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always wanted to go to New York during the Christmas season as Christmas is my FAVORITE time of year and everyone knows New York loves to celebrate the Christmas Season. This year, they helped make that dream come true! We traveled to New York on November 27th, the day of the Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. Blair and Declan wanted to ask me during this ceremony, however, none of us realize how busy this would be so they decided to postpone it.

That next day, I’ll never forget how many times Declan told me he loved me and was always calling me his step mom, I thought it was so sweet, but never realized he was getting emotional about their plan that was to happen that night. So that night we planned to check another bucket list item and go skating at Rockefeller Center. Declan and I were taking our time, taking pictures in front of the Christmas trees, stars and decor, when it started to rain, so Blair being the impatient man I love, who also had the ring in his pocket the whole time, was getting frustrated and kind of upset that we were ‘dilly daddling!’. I kept telling him we could just go tomorrow, don’t worry, its okay, but he was very persistent and I never once clued in. We got to the rink with only 45 minutes left and we started skating. I have arthritis and we calculated that we had walked over 18 hours that day, so once I got onto the ice I broke Blairs hear by saying “I’m sorry, but I’m only going to be able to skate for ten minutes at max” as my body was just killing me! Blair just smiled and kept skating, while Declan was taking tons of pictures and videotaping and all I could think was, ‘Don’t fall Kayla, don’t be that embarrassing girl!’

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Then, Blair looked at me while a look in his eyes that I will never forget, and started talking about how much Declan loves me and how grateful they are to have me in their lives. That was when Blair got on one knee and I could hear the rink explode in cheer & applause, I of course am nervous when I am center of attention and do not remember anything that Blair said, but Declan video taped the whole proposal while I ugly-cried in in front of 100’s of people. It was the happiest day of my life so far. They then told me how they have been planning everything since July, I got so emotional. They put so much thought and effort into making this one of the greatest days of my life and they succeeded. I’m so lucky to have two men in my life who care about me so much.

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