Kayla and Austun's Harry Potter Proposal

How We Met

My best friend Megan kept telling me she had a guy she really wanted me to meet, but I could never coordinate times with her because I worked as a hostess and never had weekends off, while she worked during the week and had every weekend off. I finally quit my job in late May/Early June of 2011 and boy am I glad I did! Now I had time to see Megan and we made a plan for me to come stay the whole weekend, I met some of Megan and Kyle’s friends and I was thinking how cute that tall, goofy kid was. Come to find out the guy I’d been eyeing was the friend she wanted me to meet! After a lot, and I mean A LOT of awkward moments getting to know each other and talking for a few months we finally started dating in August that same year!

how they asked

Austun and I just closed on our first house together last month and we have been getting everything ready to move in since. He mentioned going to Universal Studios a few times with our friends who have passes but I kept saying we should ask for passes for Christmas and we could go with our friends then. Little did I know, the whole time he was trying to convince me to go I was ruining his proposal idea by putting it off. Eventually we decided to go and he told me it would be our last major fun day before we moved into the house and really had to cut back. I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so of course I was excited to go since we hadn’t been to Universal or Islands of Adventure in over a year! We drove with our friends Kyle&Erica and had plans to meet with some other friends Meagan and Joe so I knew it would be a great day.

We rode a few rides and then made our way back to the Harry Potter section that looks just like Hogsmeade from the movies. We decided to get on the roller coaster they have and as we were walking up Austun said he would catch up with us so he could go to the bathroom. We told him to find us in line and kept going. We had been in line for about 15 minutes when I wondered where he was and said something to the group, we all agreed he probably just got caught up and would meet us after. (Little did I know the whole time he was trying to set up the big moment with employees) We got off the ride, went to find Austun and Joe, and agreed it was time for lunch. After we ate and walked out of the restaurant we were passing a line of people off to the side when someone asked what it was for. I knew it was for the wand show they put on for guests and I asked everyone if they wanted to see it (even though I have multiple times) and they all agreed. As we made our way to the line’s entrance an employee stopped Meagan and said she loved her shirt and told us if we promised not to tell she would get us in next in line. (All unknown to me this was part of Austun’s plan) She told us to stand by the door and the other girl would let us in the door shortly, we were only standing to the side for a few moments when they opened the door and let us in. Looking back now I realize how oblivious I was because after we walked all the way in, they closed the door and it was just our group of 6; normally the wand show has at least 20 people in it but all I was thinking was, “Awesome, it’s only us, maybe I’ll get picked to participate”. The man playing the wand shop owner gave his little speech and stopped in front of me but was looking at Austun who was behind me. I remember thinking to myself how mad I’d be if Austun got picked and not me, I’m the Harry Potter fanatic after all!

He actually asked both of us to step forward and I was ecstatic! He had us do a whole little spiel with the wands, just like the first time Harry goes to get one in the movie. After it was over he pointed us in the direction of the door and told us his assistant would tell us our options, as I took a step forward Austun put his hand on me and said “hold on.” I stopped and looked at him in confusion and that’s when he got on one knee with a replica snitch engraved with “I open at the propose” and asked me to marry him with a near identical ring to one of my pinterest favorites. (He said everything he had been planning to say forever just left him in that moment and all he could get out was “will you marry me?” I remember just looking at him for a few seconds and then asking “Is this a joke?” He laughed and told me it definitely wasn’t, obviously I said yes through tears and a little laughter.

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After the initial shock and celebrating he told me there was another surprise in Joe’s truck that I would get after we left. We spent the rest of the day at the parks and then when we got the truck he had 3 shadow boxes set up inside; 2 of them were filled with pictures of our friends and family with the ring and pictures of me sleeping, with my back turned while we were out somewhere, etc. and him holding the ring behind me. He had been going around with it for months to get these pictures! The third one had a symbol from Harry Potter he made out of wood so the ring box would fit perfectly in the middle; and a wand he carved hanging from the bottom. It makes me laugh when I think about it because I’m sure everyone who was in on it got so sick and tired of me wondering when he was going to propose and complaining about it that they are especially glad it finally happened!

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