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How We Met

Who would ever have thought that I would meet my future husband in line for the bathroom?!?! It was the warmest Christmas day I’ve ever experienced in Baltimore, Maryland after a 18 hour shift at work I went to Admirals Cup in Fells Point for a drink with my girlfriends! We grab our seats and I head off to use the restroom. Of course there is a line so I’m standing there minding my own business when He comes rushing out of the mens room saying ” Man I am so sorry the door was unlocked” I look at him laugh and said ” What were you trying to shake it for him?” ( I am very sassy) He fired right back at me then asked me where I was sitting! I pointed to the side of the bar and we parted ways! Well next thing I know his friend comes up in his Hawaiian button up shirt wearing socks with his sandals. And he looks at my other friend and says my friend over there thinks your hot…My heart sank at this very moment. Well Andy (my fiance) comes walking over and starts talking to me not her. Turns out his friend was drunk and didn’t know he was talking about me; the girl he met in line for the bathroom. Well we start talking about what he does for work (firefighter and personal trainer) Which was great because I had tweaked my neck squatting that week at the gym so he was giving me advice on that. He asked me to meet him at the gym the next morning and in my head I still think he likes my friend and now I’m thinking I’m going to have to pay him for a PT session. Some other things happened that night because of the mistake with his friend telling us the wrong girl. And so I decided to cancel our gym “date”. Well Andy just wouldn’t stop bugging me until I came and met him at the gym. So I caved. I met him at the gym butttt was on the phone doing “damage” control because of his friend. It was a mess but the rest is pretty much history!

how they asked

So the “Big Day” it was our first weekend off together in goodness knows how long and we had plans to go hot air ballooning (his parents got us a gift card for Christmas) and Sunday we were going out on the boat. So Saturday we woke up and I made us Kahlua waffles with whip cream and strawberries! Andy was keeping in contact with the Pilot (Patrick) because he thought the winds would be to strong. I looked at Andy and said well what else should we do if we can’t go up because I did my hair and makeup and we aren’t wasting that loll (I work 3 jobs and he works so much overtime that these date nights are few and far between) So Patrick calls back and says I can’t promise anything but be here at 6:45 p.m so we start heading that way. With time to spare we stop at a little dive bar before hand and then meet them at the release spot! We are pulling up and Andy surprised me by scheduling a private flight ( I was complaining about having four other strangers up there with us) So I was ecstatic! Best Date Night ever if you would have asked me!

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So we are a mile up in the air and Patrick is pointing out different cities (Baltimore, D.C, Mt Airy etc) and I’m just in awe! You can see everything! And Andy says to me “Babe isn’t it so cool how you can see on forever?” I said “Yea, I’ve never seen anything like it! Its gorgeous” He then asks me to turn around and when I do he is on his knee and says ” I see forever with you” I don’t remember much else after that. Pretty sure I blacked out! I Just grabbed him and kissed him and asked him if it was a joke or if he was kidding me!

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He actually had to convince me to look at the ring. I didn’t care about it. All I wanted was him. I didn’t want to stop hugging him. Well when he finally got me to look at the ring it was the prettiest thing I have ever seen! More then what I could ever imagined.

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So then we are headed to dinner. I’m calling my mom, dad, sisters everyone and NOONE is answering. I thought nothing of it because it was 9:30pm at night. And we were just going to go eat dinner at JoJos Taphouse in Fredrick, MD both of us having to pee sooo bad (shocker right) we go walking into the bar which is super crowded, bands playing and I take his hand looking for the nearest restroom. But of course its a great song so I start moving to the beat, we are laughing together and he spins me around and when he stops I am facing a room full of every single person that I was just calling moments before and I froze and started crying all over again. I literally couldn’t move! My momma comes running to me and hugs me and walks me into the room! I was the Happiest girl (still am) in the entire universe. It was the perfect everything and he did it all for me!

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Special Thanks

Tailwinds over Fredrick
 | Hot Air Balloon Ride
JoJos Taphouse
 | Surprise Dinner