Kayla and Alec

How We Met: Those who know myself and my fiance Alec, know that country music is ingrained in our hearts. When Stagecoach (a 3-day country music festival in Indio, CA) came along in April 2014, I took the trip with two of my best friends, and Alec took the trip with his family and his close family friends.

Not coincidentally (because there are no coincidences), Alec and I were not only staying at the same hotel, but on the same floor only a couple of rooms away. On the second day of Stagecoach, my friends and I were getting ready for the day in our room with country music blaring and our door wide open. Alec and his friend Matt took this as an invitation to stroll right in the room and offer us a drink.

Alec looked at me, “dressed to the nine” in my boots, jean overalls, and a baseball cap, and said, “You have beautiful eyes…want a drink?” The rest of the weekend, Alec and I spent attached at the hip, dancing and singing along to country music. Saying goodbye at the end of the weekend was not an easy task for us. We promised that we would see each other again, hopefully without too much time in between!

Image 1 of Kayla and Alec

5 weeks went by- Alec and I talked, texted, and snap chatted daily (oh the joys of modern technology). After those 5 long weeks, I made the long trek from San Diego (my home town) to Bakersfield (Alec’s home town) and spent Memorial Day weekend with Alec and his friends. As soon as we saw each other we knew that our feelings were the same as that first weekend, and from there on out, we have been inseparable and absolute best friends.

Thank you Stagecoach!

how they asked: Being that Stagecoach was now our “thing”, Alec and I made it a point to attend the festival following year in April 2015. On April 26, 2015 on the final day of Stagecoach 2015 (exactly one year after meeting down to the hour), Alec sat me down and said he had a surprise for me. As our friends all stepped back and pulled out their phones to record, Alec grabbed his acoustic Taylor guitar and played and sang a song that he had written for me.

This song was a perfect representation of our year-long relationship, and even included a handful of our favorite memories and stories we had together. At the end of the song, Alec gracefully kneeled on one knee and sang the words, “If you listen closely you will see that I’m getting down on one knee. We were made for each other baby, so will you please marry me?” Alec handed me the most beautiful engagement ring, and without hesitation, I yelled, “YES!”

Image 2 of Kayla and Alec

Once again, thank you Stagecoach!